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ICC was established in Virginia, USA in September 1981. ICC has been heavily involved in major programs in Asia and Africa in the 80's, and in USA, Europe, and South America in the 90's. ICC is presently involved in turnkey contracts, and full consultancy services in USA, Europe, Middle-East, South America, and Africa.

ICC-OEOC was established as an offshoot to handle the petroleum industry. ICC-OEOC brings the latest state-of-the-art facilities for oil exploration, drilling, production, and marketing. ICC-OEOC would provide the systems engineering, project management, and coordination services on all operational and service related activities as needed.

ICC-OEOC will team-up with the giants in oil industry to provide offshore deep sea drilling, including largest deepwater driller and the most advanced offshore drilling rigs and services. We have the freedom to work with the most experienced and capable companies in the world to create success. We will emphasis Health, Safety & Environment. Our core business values are focused on satisfying clients' needs and requirements; and through efficient drilling operations, to manage assets and resources in order to maximize profits.

ICC has been operating in harsh environments for over twenty-five years, and completed many international high tech projects with great success.


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