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ICC-OEOC strives to create the resources necessary to satisfy our clients. We approach every project with the best strategy in the form of partnerships, joint ventures, subcontracts, and new investments.

ICC-OEOC actively pursues the development and utilization of emerging cutting edge technologies to accomplish our goals as well as our client's goals.

ICC-OEOC continues its initiatives to meet customer demands for technology that addresses their objectives for production growth with the most cost effective approach. Our goal remains investment in new technologies, and advanced products and services that complement our core business and have the potential to generate significant financial returns.

Oil Solutions:

We work with leading deepwater drilling contractor that operate largest fleets of offshore drilling units around the world with our partners. We will arrange for diverse fleets consisting of semi-submersibles, jack-ups, and dynamically positioned drill-ship.

ICC-OEOC and Partners are capable of operating in the deep waters of all of the world's seven continents, supplying comprehensive drilling services to the global energy industry. We have access to ultra deep dual drilling, using the world୯st advanced new generation drilling vessels for deep water, representing a leap into the new world of deepwater exploration and production drilling.

ICC-OEOC also provides engineering and consulting services to clients around the world. We are particularly strong in planning, executing, and managing large scale high technology projects very successfully. We get involved from inception and continue to a successful and satisfactory conclusion. We emphasis risk management, safety and productivity. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and profitability.


ICC-OEOC conducts training seminars with its partners in several global areas. We offer full and comprehensive training to get your employee's the knowledge needed for your company৲owth.

For external training needs, ICC-OEOC has partnered with a professional training firm, WorldWide Solutions (WWS) to offer training across several verticals. ICC-OEOC and WWS offer seminars in such areas as: Computer Application Seminar (CAS) series designed to improve organizations understanding of computers. Management Information Systems (MIS) as applied to large public institutions or private enterprises. The Management Alternative Seminars (MAS) address the various styles of management and their impact on the organization and industry. And more?

The Petroleum training seminars are conducted to extend knowledge and learning in several areas of the oil industry from exploration to marketing. Petroleum, gas and oil, electricity, solar, and other forms of energy will be covered in detail. Emerging technology and other alternatives in this field will be addressed. Training courses include:

  • Introduction to the Oil Industry
  • Petroleum Fundamentals
  • Energy Fundamentals
  • Energy Equipment & Application
  • Elementary Drilling
  • Oil Exploration, Extraction, and Trading
  • Gas & Oil Technology
  • Introduction to Offshore Operations
  • Petroleum Fundamentals
  • Petroleum Resources and Their Marketing
  • Oil and Gas Separation, Refining and Financial Management
  • Management of Petroleum Projects
  • Electric Power and Other Energy Sources
These courses as others are normally offered in suburban Washington, DC area. However our courses can also be offered in Houston - Texas, Miami - Florida, Los Angeles - California in USA; Toronto and Vancouver in Canada; London - United Kingdom; Paris - France; and Duesseldorf - Germany for groups participants.

To learn more about training, please Contact Us for more information.


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